It’s a small world.  I got an email from Jayda earlier in the year looking for wedding photography.  She grew up in Fernie, and when I saw her last name, I realized that I had lived with her cousins in Lethbridge back in University.

Jayda and Paul live in Australia and planned their wedding in Fernie from across the world.  If that wasn’t hard enough, they had a few non-wedding related struggles along the way that made for some pretty stressful days leading up to their day.  They both have such positive attitudes though and didn’t let it affect their day!

They celebrated their wedding at the Elk View Lodge.  It feels like we’ve shot a lot of weddings there this year and it’s turned into a great venue here in Fernie for weddings under 100 people.

The flower girls inspecting Jayda’s dress before the ceremony.

First kiss including some excited reactions from the bridesmaids.


Jayda and Paul are ridiculously good looking people.  I could have shot portraits with them all day!



Love this shot!

I got a call in the morning from someone wanting to arrange a surprise helicopter flight for Jayda and Paul back to the Elk View Lodge for their reception.  It took me a few times telling them that it was their ride while it was landing before they believed me.

I begged the person who hired the chopper to land for a few minutes so we could do some portraits.  Thankfully they were willing to do it!


Paul has experienced snow twice in his life.  He was pretty excited to see some at the top of the mountain.

Tons of laughter at their reception.

Impromptu “family feud” game at their reception.  The aunts were really enjoying themselves!

Timing worked out for us to head up to the roof for a few shots at dusk.