Jenna and Joel were married on March 13th, with a ceremony and reception at Eagle’s Eye at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

Jenna got ready at the Black Wolf Chalet at the Kicking Horse Trail in the loop, and one of my favourite images of the day was the shot of her from above just after she got into her dress, with her veil behind her. The photograph turned out so timeless and classic. She had also incorporated part of her grandmother’s veil into her flowers, which I thought was a beautiful and touching tribute.

After Jenna was ready, we staged a first look with her and Joel and grabbed some portraits with the two of them looking absolutely stunning together.

And then, we started snowboarding and skiing.

These two Manitoba farmers absolutely love to ski and snowboard, so when they told me that they were going to go skiing right before the ceremony, I had a blast just trying to keep up with them. They went out in the wedding attire, and while normally as a photographer, I have time to move carefully, it was everything I could do to keep up with them! I had to ski backwards, and they were absolutely ripping it up.

After some final touches at Eagle’s Eye post-skiing adventure, it was time for the spectacular ceremony before we headed out to the cocktail hour and then the reception to party with their friends and family.

Jenna surprised Joel with a slideshow she had made during the reception, and it was clear she had put real thought and effort into the surprise—you could see how much it meant on his face.

The two of them shared their first dance to Ray Lamontagne’s “You Are the Best Thing,” and then the rest of the night was filled with fun and dancing. The MC was hilarious, which provided the opportunity for plenty of good candid shots.

Jenna & Joel, your day was one that I will never forget. Thank you for letting me be part of your adventures (especially the skiing part)—what a spectacular day!

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Venue: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort  
Florist – Golden Bell 

DJ – Mike Pecorra

 Makeup – Primped and Polished