I love shooting in Fernie in May.  The trees are lush and green but the ground-cover hasn’t really had a good chance to grow up yet, so it’s easier to ask someone to go strolling through the bush with you!

Jill & Geoff came from Calgary for their engagement session in Fernie, and in typical fashion for the May long weekend, there was A LOT of rain in the forecast.  Thankfully we were able to hit a bit of a weather window before the rain fell and had a fantastic time hanging out and snapping some pictures on the way.

I can’t wait for their wedding next month.  It’s out on Vancouver Island and it’s going to be a real treat to shoot!

JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-1 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-2 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-3 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-4 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-5 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-6 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-7 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-8 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-9 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-10 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-11 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-12 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-13 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-22
JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-15 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-16 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-17 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-18 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-19 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-20 JG_Fernie-Engagement-Photography-21

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