I have respect for people who do a lot of traveling for their job.  We travel around quite a bit as wedding photographers, but it pales in comparison to some of the people we’ve worked with this year.

Julie and Bryce booked us for their wedding through a connection with Lynn Fletcher Weddings.  Bryce travels a lot for his job, so it took us a few tries for schedules to line up to do their engagement session.  Mother nature almost threw us a curve-ball with a storm, but we managed to get it done before the weather turned.  Here’s a few of my favourites.

Want to see a photographer look really dumb, just get them to try to get the attention of three dogs at once while taking pictures!

Near the end of our session the weather was really starting to turn.  The best part about shooting right before a storm is getting really dramatic skies.

The worst thing about shooting right before a storm is the accompanying wind.  This is one of the last shots from the day, and it was getting a little strong!

Thank you Julie & Bryce for making the trip to Fernie.  I can’t wait for your wedding next month!

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