I met Julie & Kyle in Radium to do their engagement session with the intention of heading into Kootenay Park and doing some shooting in the pass near Radium Hot Springs.  There’s been quite a bit of bear activity around there this year and I wasn’t sure what was going to be open, so we changed the plan last minute and headed back to Invermere and up the road heading to Panorama.

We always do our scouting prior to weddings so we have a plan in place for the day, but engagement sessions allow us to explore a lot more.  I love this aspect of engagement sessions because I’m able to go out and shoot a location as I see it, not having to wait until later when the light is going to be different.

Julie & Kyle were awesome to hang out with and rolled with all my last-minute stops and back-tracking to use spots I saw driving by.  It was fun to explore with them and I can’t wait for their Kicking Horse wedding next month!


Julie laughing at one of Kyle’s jokes.  I wonder if he used my line and said, “Pretend I said something funny!”



Love this shot!



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