I love shooting at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.  I don’t know of any other venue in Canada that has such an amazing venue that puts couples and their guests at the top of a mountain and gives them the 5-star treatment!

When I arrived in the morning to do some getting ready shots with the girls I was greeted by a room full of energy and excitement.  Everyone was buzzing and you could tell that it was going to be an awesome day!

I did some dress shots with it hanging in front of the balcony window.  While I getting some other getting ready shots, I got a phone call from Kevan.  He was standing in the parking lot and wanted me to ask Julie if it would be OK to put her dress out on the balcony.  Turns out there was a beam of sunlight right against the edge that was just about perfect to spotlight her dress!



I love this contrasty shot Kevan got of Kyle getting ready.


Gifts to Kyle’s groomsmen were custom scotch glasses.



Julie and Kyle gave us tons of time for their portraits, and we started with a first look.






While we waited for the wedding party to join us we made them walk up a little hill just off the parking lot.


One of the themes of the day was Julie’s awesome veil, which caught the sun & wind here perfectly.




We drove down into Golden with them, but before we got into town we were distracted crossing the river and made them hike onto a gravel bar for a few shots.


The wind picked up a bit…









After shooting in town for a while we headed back up to the resort to shoot at the top of the mountain.  One of the advantages to having both Kevan and I covering a wedding is one of us can take some risks and get shots we wouldn’t normally be able to do on our own.  Here’s a great example where I hiked down the ridge with Julie & Kyle while Kevan went off and got an awesome scenery shot of them.


Here’s my angle after we walked a little further down the ridge.


Honourable mention to Lindsay who went above and beyond her MOH duties by hiking with us (in her bare feet!) to help Julie and hold my light…mostly it was to hold my light!  Thanks Lindsay!

After we hiked back up to the Eagle’s Eye we decided to shoot down the other side…More hiking for Julie & Kyle!




With our portrait time up, it was time for their ceremony.







Day of coordination and details by Alison MacIssac.  She and her crew did an amazing job getting the venue ready after the other wedding that happened at the top earlier in the day!






Julie and Kyle built in some time for us to head back out at sunset to get a few more shots on the ridge…I absolutely love the shots we were able to get!




Julie’s shoes weren’t great for hiking in, so she took them.  I guess this means the bar has been raised for the hiking brides club…






The bouquet toss was intense!







Did we mention that Hitch Bot crashed their wedding?  Some of their guests picked him up at the BC border on their way to the wedding and brought him to the top.  He definitely made the rounds on the dance floor, and it seemed fitting to include him in the ring shots!  The day after their wedding they got a call from CTV news wanting to do a story about it that was broadcast across the country!  If you want to check out the clip, click here!




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