It was a bit of a strange experience for me this past weekend at Karen and Steve’s wedding. For the first time in a couple years I was attending as a guest and not a photographer. I was honoured when my brother Steve asked me to stand up with him, but he had a condition attached to it – no touching a camera for the entire day.  This was a pretty tough thing for me since that’s what I do at weddings! Thankfully I found a bit of a loop-hole and was able to be a light-stand for Kevan (and Leah) so I wasn’t just standing around being the peanut gallery during their portraits!

Both Karen and Steve are active and love the outdoors, so instead of doing their portraits right in Calgary we headed out to Kananaskis Country for a couple hours. This was great for the rest of the wedding party too (my other brother, Karen’s sister, and Karen’s niece), since they are all from Ontario and it gave them the opportunity to spend more time in the mountains. Our travels led us west on Highway 66 past Bragg Creek and eventually to Elbow Falls, fitting since Steve is an avid whitewater kayaker and has spent some time out there playing on the river.



















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