Slightly out of season, but looking back on this wedding has me excited for winter adventures! We got a family ski pass for Fernie Alpine Resort for this first time, so I am looking forward to getting the kids up to the hill on a regular basis. That and first tracks on a Tuesday morning sounds pretty good to me as well! 😉

Kate and Danielle are some of the kindest human beings you could ever hope to meet. I was struck during the toasts by just how many people were saying things like “I consider Kate/Danielle to be my absolute best friend in the world.” I think that is an amazing tribute and a testament to their spirit and care for the people in their lives.

Duane and I had a blast hanging out with Kate and Danielle. I absolutely cannot wait to shoot with them again one day soon!
Shout-out to my awesome wife, Leah doing the makeup. Leah does all of the makeup for our portrait business, Decoro Portraits.
We did their first look inside the suite at Lizard Creek – it was a beautiful moment.

Outside to wander through some seriously deep snow banks!

Found a great little spot overlooking Fernie Alpine Resort. Had to dodge a few skiers coming through, but I think it was worth it!  I absolutely love this photo. Danielle and Kate walked down the aisle at the same time but entered from different doors. Here Kate is up on her tippy-toes trying to steal a glance of Danielle as she comes down the stairs with her dad.  A quick moment together right after the ceremony.  Gotta love the ice bar at Lizard Creek! (video here) We stole them away for a few minutes during the evening. I have to say walking on a groomed run in dress shoes is not advisable. I almost died a number of times!  First dance – love those chandeliers!