Okay – I have been sitting on this session forever now and wanted to post it before we fully got into wedding season here! Katie and Deven met up with me on one of those absolutely perfect fall days that you just want to last forever, because it feels so good. One of those days that reminds us that we are all lucky to be alive. I hope you enjoy the photos!  Katie_Deven_Engagement_0003_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0006_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0010_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0018_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0030_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0033_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0034_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0035_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0039_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0043_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0046_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0048_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0054_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0056_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0057_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0059_WEB Katie_Deven_Engagement_0062_WEB