One of the things that I try to never take for granted in my job, is the amazing opportunities that are afforded to Duane and I, as we travel along with our clients to document the story of their relationships and their weddings. We get to travel, visit amazing venues and get access to spots that we would never have been able to access outside of our ‘jobs’. At Caylie and Brett’s wedding we had a few extra minutes while waiting for the gondola to download at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, so we hiked up to a nearby ridge to get some timed exposures. I realized in that moment that our ‘job’ was to sit on the roof of the world and take pictures of the clouds sweeping in. Not a bad gig.

We met up with Caylie and Brett in Lake Louise, and they gave us creative freedom to shoot our way back to Golden where the wedding and reception were being held. Spectacular! I hope you enjoy the images that we were able to create with them.

Caylie and her mom doing a last-minute check of the dress in Lake Louise.


Caylie and Brett decided to do a first-look (the absolute best itinerary imo!) and I love Brett’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time!







The next couple of shots really illustrate the strength of having two photographers – similar angles + completely different lenses = completely different looks. While I was shooting on a telephoto lens (135mm)…
…Duane was shooting the scene (35 mm).






We had time for a few more relaxed portraits before the ceremony…




 As Caylie came down the aisle, a little gust of wind lifted her veil.









I was going to share a whole bunch of reception images, but I am going to blame Caylie and Brett for allowing us to steal them away for a few minutes at sunset… You will just have to trust me when I say that it was an awesome party!







 Officially in the hiking brides club! We should make up stickers or something…

Okay, okay – one image from the reception, just to prove that it was amazing.