It’s been a long time since I’ve shot in Kananaskis Country, which is a bit disappointing given how beautiful it is there.  Kristin & Jeff had their mountain wedding out at the Delta Lodge, and while I’ve been there a few times, usually it was just a quick walk in the main lobby and to stop in for a coffee after hiking.  It was awesome to explore around the resort a bit and hard to pick one favourite spot to shoot.

Kristin’s mom had a picture of herself in this mirror on her wedding day, and saved it so her daughter could have the same picture one day.  Cool idea!

I was joined by Kyle Hamilton who did some second shooting for me.  Here’s some of his shots of the guys getting ready.

Kristin was taunting Jeff during their first look, though he didn’t know it.

She was pretty excited when he turned around!

While the wedding party was waiting for us to finish the first look Lindsay had an incident with a bird.  Thankfully they had all the items required to clean the mess.  When I told Kristin about it she said it was good luck to get pooped on during a wedding.  I said that’s just what everyone else said to make you feel better – Lindsay agreed with me, but at least she was able to laugh about it!

It threatened to rain all day, which made for some pretty interesting skies.

Their ceremony was held at a lookout along one of the Delta’s walking paths.  Not a bad view to have for your wedding!

I love the motion and excitement of this shot during their first dance!

Grandparents showing the young kids how it’s done!


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