We always say that our engagement sessions are just an excuse to hang out with our clients once prior to their wedding to get to know them (and get some awesome pictures!).  By the end of the session with Kristine & Eric it felt like we’ve been friends for years.  They’re both really down-to-earth people, easy to talk to, and have lots of great stories to tell.  We have a double-connection with Kristine, being a past bride’s sister (you may remember Kathy & Eric if you’re a regular follower of our blog), but also part of the UofA med students crowd we’ve had the pleasure of working with!

We met with Kristine & Eric for a morning session and went exploring with them around Fernie.  The light in the early morning is fantastic, with the only drawback being that if there’s been a heavy dew, it doesn’t have time to lift.  Oh well, we didn’t get that wet!  Our session was full of fields of wildflowers (which Kristine is apparently allergic to!) and wading through leech-infested water (which we found out about after being in it, but they didn’t bother us).

We had such a great time hanging out with you guys and look forward to your Canmore wedding in early September!

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