Two weddings this past weekend for us; one in Edmonton and the second in Golden. Despite the long drive between them we had a great time and were able to shoot two completely different styles – architecture and mountains.

Our first wedding was on Friday with Kyla and Steve. When we met up with them for their engagement session one of the things that stuck out about Kyla was her attention to detail. She’s a planner!   Even at well over a month from their wedding she had specific details on how the day was going to unfold and everything was neatly arranged on a colour-coded spreadsheet.  Their wedding was awesome and everything seemed to stick to that schedule. Experience has taught us, however, that even with the best laid plans you just can’t account for everything. It was those little things that did’t go exactly as planned that really made for some great stories.

The theme for the day was wardrobe malfunction (whoever coined that term struck gold!). I started with the guys in the morning and while Steve was rocking out on the drums to Guitar Hero one of his cuff-links fell apart (I wonder if it wasn’t because he was using serving spoons as drumsticks!). Later in the morning, while we were waiting for Kyla and her bridesmaids to show up for the first look, his dad’s shirt button starting falling off. Ironically, the reason we were waiting a few extra minutes for the ladies was because they had an EDS (Emergency Dress Situation) which they were able to resolve by sewing Kyla into her dress. Despite these minor setbacks they had a fantastic day!


A Facebook conversation Kevan caught between Kyla and Steve before their wedding.

The most famous wardrobe malfunction of the day.  The top clasp of Kyla’s dress shot off right at this moment.  As mentioned above, nothing a little emergency sewing couldn’t fix!


Steve’s dad trying to comb his hair.  The brush was borrowed from the owner of the house where we did their first look and I think it was the dog’s chew toy.


Kyla and Steve’s first look.  I know we sound like broken records but we LOVE it when people structure their weddings with portraits prior to the ceremony!















Both our angles for Kyla and her dad coming down the aisle.



While walking from convocation hall to the faculty club on the University of Alberta’s campus we found great light. Kyla and Steve we gracious enough to entertain our A.D.D. personalities and let us shoot for a bit!







Thanks for an amazing day Kyla and Steve!  A few more pictures can be seen in their slideshow below.  Don’t forget to hit the HD and full-screen buttons for the best viewing experience!

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