I am absolutely positive that most brides are going to find what I am about to say to be heresy. I don’t mind when it rains on a wedding day. In fact, sometimes I even prefer it to sunshine. Soft light, dramatic skies and a bit of adventure are a winning combination for spectacular images.

Joni and Jason were definitely up for the adventure part, and they hatched this plan to do most of their wedding itinerary early in the day so that we could have the rest of the evening to drive through the mountains to chase the light. It’s one of our favourite ways to shoot – have a rough destination in mind (in this case, Peyto Lake) and allow lots of time to be distracted along the way! We had no idea what we would find – we were like kids in a candy store. It’s funny, because Duane and I will often be out driving or biking and see all sorts of locations where we would love to put a bride and groom and we just sigh because there is very little chance that we would ever have the opportunity to get a bride out there. Well, Saturday provided exactly that rare opportunity!

On a personal note, it was so much fun to shoot this wedding. Joni was part of our circle of friends back in the University days (Leah even roomed with her at one point) and it was great to be able to spend a day hanging out with her and getting to know Jason. Solidly good people and we’re looking forward to catching up with them again very soon

 The rain and lightning on the morning of the wedding knocked out the power out at her parent’s acreage so Joni ended up doing her makeup by window light. She took it like a pro though – laughed it off and kept on with the plan!

I asked him after I took this shot if he was going for a new look. You know, the suspenders hanging down look…


Did I mention that it was raining? 




 But c’mon! How many brides get a shot like this as they walk out for the ceremony!?







 These guys were awesome – as we got down to the shores of the lake, Jason just looked at us and said, “You want us to hike down to that outcropping there don’t you?” Sometimes I think we are a little too transparent for our own good!