When Max and I were searching for a photographer for our wedding, we treated it with great importance. This was one of the highest priorities for us, and we were going to be picky. After searching through multiple portfolios from both Fernie and Calgary, it was clear who we liked best. We wanted to see photos that weren’t staged or typical; they needed to be unique, and 6:8 photography showcased that well. We met with Kevan and he brought up something very important that all engaged couples should consider – photos should show the story from your wedding, as they will be the only thing you take away. In other words, make sure you’ve got some good photos at the end of the day!

We decided to put our complete faith in Kevan and he did not disappoint. Our photos are magical, period. My first thought when I looked at them was “these look like they belong in a magazine!” It was a challenging day as it would not stop snowing, but the snow became part of our story, and the photos we got are so very special. Max and I are just thrilled. We had vaguely described how, ideally, our photos would turn out, and it was like he read our minds. They are not only exactly what we were looking for, they were better.

I can say with certainty that we would not have wanted any other photographer for our day. Max and I will always cherish these photos, and we are so glad we chose 6:8 Photography. 

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