When we first met Laura and Dan and found out they were doing a weekend wedding at Island Lake Lodge, I can’t even begin to explain how excited we were to be part of it.  Island Lake Lodge is one of our favourite venues, and to be able to do a winter wedding there was a bonus!  At this time of year the Lodge is only accessible by a 25-minute snow-cat ride, and once you arrive you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere!  The experience, however, is 5-star with the ambiance of the Lodge, the mountain / chalet experience, the amazing food, and the attentive and professional staff.

To keep everything manageable, I’m going to split this experience into two separate posts.  The first day of their weekend wedding was a cat-skiing day for Dan and his friends, and they twisted our rubber arms to tag along.  They might be the funniest group of guys we’ve met to date.  Most of them are are associated with the professional side of mining in some capacity (I did my pushups to write that guys – more on that in the next post), and are highly successful in their respective fields.  That doesn’t mean they don’t know how to cut loose and have a good time though, and they kept us laughing and entertained the entire weekend!  After sitting down with our guides and going over some basic safety information, we headed up the mountain!





A quick shot of Dan just before our first run!





We did a bit of video coverage for their wedding, and Kevan was brave enough to ski down the hill with our Glidecam while one of the guys matched his speed to his right.  I have a confirmed respect for those guys who do that well in ski videos – especially when they launch off of jumps while filming!

The skiing was quite challenging with a rain-crust that went to the top of the runs, so to break up the day a little, the guides detoured to show us this sink-hole.  The guys decided they needed to jump into it, though I’m not sure if it required holding hands as well!

The group following a good day on the hill.  Notice how much snow is falling, as this was a taste of what we were in for the next day!

Following the cat-skiing, there was an arrival dinner planned for all the guests that Laura and Dan invited us to stick around for.  The level of detail and the amount of work that Laura and Dan put into their wedding was impressive: from the custom s’mores packages at each table setting to the custom signs and labels found everywhere the entire weekend that really personalized their wedding.  Below are a few shots of the details from the first evening.