The second day of Laura & Dan’s wedding started out for us with another cat ride to the Lodge, which was shared with the ladies from from Sparrow for Hair and some of the flowers from The Green Petal (Carmen actually required an entire cat to herself, plus some space in ours!). There was a flurry of activity going on when we arrived at the Lodge, but the atmosphere was calm and organized. As mentioned before, the staff at Island Lake Lodge are really quite amazing and seemingly accomplish everything they need to without interrupting their guests. In the last post I mentioned that it had begun snowing quite heavily at the Lodge on Friday when we finished cat skiing, and we were greeted with an incredible amount of new snow in the morning! Over the period of roughly 24 hours they received over 70cm of snow, which was one of the largest snowfalls of the season! It certainly helped to give Laura & Dan that winter wedding feel, and it just added to the spectacular backdrop we had to play with.

I mentioned having to do pushups in my last post.  Dan and his friends have some crazy games that we found out about, and one of those was the “mine” game.  Throughout the weekend everyone would try to trick each other into saying “mine,” resulting in that person having to instantly drop and do ten pushups.  It was pretty entertaining to see them trick each other into saying it, and then having to pay their penalty while being heckled by the others!



 Check out the awesome job Carmen and her team did on the lodge where the ceremony took place!  The flowers lining the door to the patio looked amazing!

A few details from the morning.  If you look closely at the invitation in the bottom left of this image, you’ll see that it is etched glass (one of many etched glass details from the weekend).

The snow piled up on the deck posts from the night before, and someone thought it would be a good idea for Dan to balance it on his head. Chris did well to exploit the opportunity!

Laura was absolutely radiant – a quick shot of her coming down the aisle at the start of the ceremony.



Our original plan for pictures was to take one of the cats up the mountain, but with all the snow falling, there was a significant risk of avalanches.  Since we weren’t going to get any views anyway, we decided to head down the road to the old-growth forest instead.  Never a bad option as a Plan B!



We decided to take a picture of the wedding party picture under one of the trees to get a bit of shelter from the falling snow.  What we didn’t expect was all the snow from that tree to release while we were under it!  Thankfully the guys reacted quickly with the umbrellas covered the wedding party before the snow hit them!  We weren’t quite as fortunate as they were and got covered in snow.







Click here for a video on our Facebook Page to get a bit of backstory on how we took this bouquet shot!  Thanks for your help Chris!



When we got back to the Lodge after doing pictures in the forest, something unexpected happened – the weather broke and we could (sort of) see the mountains!







A few reception details.  The snowflakes in the top right picture were the seating plan for the evening.  Definitely the most creative one we’ve seen to date!

Below is the dinner menu.  It’s an etched mirror, and that’s pretty much awesome.




…and a final shot of all the guests at the wedding.






Thank you Laura and Dan, and all of the family and friends at the wedding that made it a truly amazing and unforgettable experience!