Duane and I had the privilege of joining Lesley and Nathan on their wedding at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort back at the beginning of March and we had a spectacular time getting to know them and telling their wedding story. I am leading with this picture because it has by far, gotten the most traction of any of our Facebook posts over on our business page ( It’s about as close to viral fame as we’ll ever come I think. 🙂

  Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0001 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0002 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0003

A couple of shots from their first look. Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0004   Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0006 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0007 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0005 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0008

I absolutely love the fact that they were willing to go for a rip before getting married!  Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0009 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0010

This little guy had no time to waste on wedding shenanigans. There was skiing to be done!!  Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0011 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0012 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0013 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0014 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0015 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0016 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0017

Super funny moment of the day. Dress shoes + steep, groomed slope = no way up! Duane and I literally had to each grab one of Nathan’s arms and help him walk to the top. I wish I had grabbed a shot of how he got down there in the first place. It was a very loosely controlled slide that I was pretty sure was going to end very, very badly. He pulled it off well though!   Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0018 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0019 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0020 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0021 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0022 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0023 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0024 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0025 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0026 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0027 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0028 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0029 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_-_LN_0030