Oops! In all of the excitement with the TransRockies last week I completely forgot to post more of Mary and Stephen’s Engagement Session! Sorry guys!

A little background on Mary & Stephen first. Mary represents our first hat-trick as we have done engagement sessions (and weddings) for both of her siblings – Carolyn (of Carolyn & Jordan) and Don (of Sarah & Don). A while back we had a promotion when we were launching our Facebook Fan Page for portraits sessions and their mom, Anne, requested one. There was a slight problem though…she lives in Ontario and it was a little difficult to schedule anything. When they were planning on coming out for Sarah & Don’s wedding in July she thought it would be a great chance to use it for a session with her newly-engaged daughter. I really wish we could boast the hat-trick for wedding photography with the Finch family as well but unfortunately they’re getting married across the country in PEI.

We had a great time with you guys and wish you all the best!







Apparently Mary is well-known for this little maneuver…and it looks like Stephen has seen it a few times!











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