I have been waiting a little while now to be able to post this one, and I am very excited that I can finally do so! Last September, I had the great honour of travelling down to Cleveland, OH to photograph Megan and Chad’s wedding at the Cleveland Yacht Club. Megan and I had all kinds of friends in common while we went to University, but never really knew each other until a couple of years ago when she and her family came to Fernie for some family portraits. I was very excited to get to hang out with her and her family again, as well as be able to get to know Chad.

It was my first time in Cleveland, and it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I was very impressed with the miles and miles of park through the River Valley and some of the old buildings. I had been hoping to take in a Cleveland Indians game while I was there, but sadly that wasn’t to be as they were on a road trip at the time.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

My favourite timeline – pictures before the ceremony!



















After shooting at the Yacht Club for a little bit, we decided to head out and explore Cleveland. Love this little alcove that I found on the shores of Lake Erie. 



















Then it was back to the Yacht Club for a garden ceremony.









Some pretty dark clouds had been building through ceremony, and about 15 minutes in there was a huge clap of thunder. I think this the moment where they were looking at each other going “how much longer do we stay out here?”

 And then the rain came and we all made a quick retreat to the reception area to continue the ceremony there.

 Megan and Chad didn’t miss a beat with everything moved inside

 But I think they made the right decision. I took this shot about five minutes after we got in.





 Chad is an American, and Megan is a Canadian so her brother created a fun variation of the shoe game!



 Megan is quite an accomplished musician with an amazing voice, so it was a treat for everyone (but especially Chad!) when she sang to him to end the evening.