Leading up to the wedding there are so many decisions to make, both big and small. One big decision, which was very important to my Wife and I, was who was going to shoot our wedding? We spent a few weeks browsing a ton of websites and narrowing down our search to about 5 photographers. We set-up phone interviews with them all. Kevan was immediately a stand-out. We appreciated that he knew his craft very well, had a lot of experience shooting weddings and had no issue taking ownership of the process. Kevan talked about the importance of having a vision for the day, telling a story with the photos and said he would have no problem climbing a tree or asking us if we would like to jump through a stream to grab that perfect shot. The process of booking Kevan was easy and we appreciated both his honesty and professionalism.

Our first experience shooting with Kevan was during our engagement session. Having never been photographed professionally before I had no idea what to expect and was honestly a little nervous. Kevan did a fantastic job of immediately making my wife Megan and I feel comfortable and at ease. He inspired trust throughout the process. When we received the engagement photos back I knew we made the right decision. I was blown away by the results!

Our wedding went off without a hitch. Kevan did an amazing job of capturing everything that we felt was important. One of the highlights of the day was when Kevan threw together a sample slideshow of wedding photos captured earlier that day which he played during our reception dinner. It was incredible! He was able to throw that together in a little over an hour while we had dinner. We received so many compliments for our guests. My Mom cried when she told me how beautiful it was. One guest wanted to immediately book Kevan for her daughters wedding the following summer. It was really a nice touch! The turnaround on getting our photos was very quick. Within a few weeks we had scheduled a time for Kevan to come show us our wedding album. My jaw hit the floor. It was incredible and captured so many amazing moments! The ‘story of the day’ that Kevan talked about when we first chose to book him was really evident in the album. The process of choosing the final pictures for the album was long but beer and pizza supplied by Kevan made the process easier and more fun.

We have received so many compliments on our pictures and have an album that we will treasure forever. From start to finish Kevan did an incredible job and we enjoyed working with him. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I’d highly recommend 6:8 Photography to my family, friends or anyone else!

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