In the six years we’ve lived in Fernie, we’ve been waiting patiently to shoot a wedding at the Bull River Guest Ranch.  When Megan and Chris decided they wanted to bring us along for the day, we were thrilled!

It was important to them to have a wedding centred around their close family and friends, and the venue catered to that perfectly. They booked it out for the entire long weekend, making their wedding a three-day event filled with activities like hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and more all out at the ranch.

When we arrived in the morning everyone was just hanging out and having a great time. You could tell that there was a really relaxed atmosphere, and it really set the tone for the day.  They are both some of the nicest people you’ll meet, and it was a treat to hang out with them for the day.

I found it really hard to narrow down my favourites from their wedding, so this post is going to be a little longer than normal!

As I was taking the picture of Megan’s dress on a chair, I turned around and was greeted by this elk.  Kevan just happened to walk in the room at the same time, so we worked together to create this ring shot!

Getting a bride ready in the morning truly is a team effort!

Sometimes guys need a helping hand too…

…especially when it comes to folding pocket squares.


I love the opportunity to be there when our clients see each other for the first time on their wedding day.  Both Megan and Chris were a little nervous, and as Megan approached Chris you could feel the anticipation in the air.


There were lots of tears of joy and excitement.

Megan’s flowers were created by the amazingly talented Carmen over at the Green Petal.

We found a cool hillside while driving to the wedding that we wanted to use for pictures. As you can tell from the picture, it’s covered in low shrubs, which was a little challenging to get up, especially for Megan. She was determined though and is now officially part of the prestigious Hiking Bride’s Club.

Chris has an awesome 4×4 truck, so instead of walking back down the hill, he just signalled for his ride to go pick them up. He was pretty excited to go off-roading on his wedding day!

We wanted to use the river below the Bull River dam.  When we got down there we were disappointed to see that they were diverting all the water to generating power.  Oh well, the canyon still made for some cool shots!

We could have kept shooting with them all afternoon, but they needed to get back for their ceremony.

I love these next few shots with Megan and her Dad.

Megan and Chris built in a little extra time for pictures around the property following the ceremony, so we took a walk with them.

When I showed the final version of this shot to Kevan, he said, “Oh, that’s the spider shot!”  I asked him if he could explain that since I was off taking some shots at their reception.  He said that just after he took this, Chris noticed there was a spider in Megan’s veil.  He calmly removed it, and when Megan asked him what he was doing he said it was a stick.  Apparently Megan doesn’t like spiders very much, and when she turned to start Chris gave Kevan a sigh of relief – I guess Megan’s reaction would have been a lot different had she known the truth!


We had some pretty spectacular light as the sun was going down behind the mountains!

Megan and Chris had an awesome party with lots of dancing.

I mentioned on our Facebook page that we have been wanting to do a late-evening portrait brining out the night sky for quite some time now.  We were constantly denied this summer, either with overcast skies or too much light to bring out the stars. Conditions were perfect at Megan & Chris’ wedding and they were willing to leave their party for about 20 minutes to get this shot!

Thank you once again Megan & Chris for including us in your wedding.  It was a blast celebrating with you!