Years ago on a snowy New Year’s Eve Day we went on a little adventure up the Elk Valley north of Sparwood to the Big Ranch Conservation Area.  I’ve been itching to head in there in the summer, and Megan & Chris’ engagement session seemed like the perfect opportunity.  It has some great views looking down the Elk Valley, with open grazing lands where it’s not uncommon to see herds of elk and deer surrounded by towering mountains.  Definitely a lot different than in the winter when we shot around there with Jenna & Mike!

June in the Fernie area means that it’s probable to experience all kinds of changing weather within an hour, and this evening was no exception.  When Megan and Chris arrived the wind had just picked up and there was rain in the air, with what appeared to be a wall of water working its way toward us.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but we took a chance, thinking the worst that could happen is we were going to get a little wet!





The mosquitos seemed to like these two.  They had an unspoken agreement to smack each other if they were getting bitten and Megan took full advantage of it!

We were in the trees while there were some showers rolling through and couldn’t really tell what kind of weather was approaching us.  We decided to chance it and hike up the hill for a view, and I’m so glad we did.  I love this casual shot of Megan and Chris climbing the hill.











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