I’ve been eagerly waiting to share Melissa & Graham’s wedding that we shot back in June. Canmore makes for a pretty amazing location for a mountian wedding, and it certainly did not disappoint! It wouldn’t be a mountain wedding without some moody skies and the constant threat of rain (especially this year!).


The morning was pretty casual and relaxed. When I showed up Melissa was just finishing up her makeup, done by the very talented ladies at The Pretty Haus Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-002

She was pretty excited when she finally got her dress on, and I just loved the moment between her and her Mom before heading off to the ceremony.

The guys were pretty relaxed in the morning too, and were enjoying a few delicious drinks prior to the ceremony.
Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-004 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-005

I have to say, Silvertip Resort has a pretty spectacular Rocky Mountain view. Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-006 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-007 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-008

We spent a bit of time with the wedding party at Silvertip before going on an adventure around Canmore with Melissa & Graham. Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-009

In typical 6:8 Photography fashion, we didn’t get very far down the road before we pulled over at a random clump of trees. Melissa & Graham rolled with it and it turned out to be a fantastic spot… Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-010 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-011

…not only did we get some interesting trees, but there was a little hill right behind us that allowed us to get a bit of a different take on the Three Sisters than usual.
Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-012 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-013 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-014 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-015 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-016 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-017

There was a pretty heavy band of rain coming down from Whiteman’s gap, so we chanced going up there in hopes that the rain was going to ease up by the time we got up there. It sort of did, but not before we were able to capture this awesome shot. High fives to couples who aren’t afraid to get a little wet on their wedding day!

The colour in the pond was awesome! Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-019 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-020 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-021

I really like this ring shot that Kevan came up with. It involved some red foil wrapping paper, fog in a can, a couple flashes, and a lot of strange looks from their wedding guests! Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-022

Tons of laughter at their reception. I felt like it was just the right amount of roast vs. toast. Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-023 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-024 Canmore-Mountain-Wedding-Photography-MG-025

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