Building on what Kevan said in his last post, it’s always awesome when our clients come for a mountain experience for their engagement pictures! There’s so much variety here in Fernie, and most of it is relatively accessible. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but one of my favourite parts of being a photographer is getting out and exploring; trying to find a great new location that we’ve never used before! With Melissa and Josh, we had such an opportunity and made our way up Fairy Creek. Despite a few threatening clouds before we started, the light was great and we had such a good time hanging out with them.  As you can see below, both Melissa and Josh seem to be pretty comfortable in front of the camera!


MJ-Fernie-Engagement-Photographers-01 MJ-Fernie-Engagement-Photographers-02 MJ-Fernie-Engagement-Photographers-03 MJ-Fernie-Engagement-Photographers-04



We found a place to cross the creek, and I thought I would get a quick picture of it.  Just after this was taken, Josh’s shoes took an unfortunate swim.  He said that it was either his shoes that went under or him and Melissa, so I think he made the right choice!





MJ-Fernie-Engagement-Photographers-05 MJ-Fernie-Engagement-Photographers-06 MJ-Fernie-Engagement-Photographers-07 MJ-Fernie-Engagement-Photographers-08 MJ-Fernie-Engagement-Photographers-09 MJ-Fernie-Engagement-Photographers-10 MJ-Fernie-Engagement-Photographers-11 MJ-Sneak-Peek-01



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