I had the pleasure of meeting up with Nancy and Jason a few weeks ago for their engagement session. They are having their wedding at one of my favourite venues this summer, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, and I can’t wait to meet up with them and hang out once again in Golden! Since they’re doing a mountain wedding, we thought it might be nice to get something a little more urban and contemporary for their engagement session, so we shot everything in downtown Calgary.















Quite possibly the funniest moment on an engagement session happened right after we took this picture involving a young guy and his girlfriend driving a Neon and an 8″ concrete curb at the top of the parkade.  One can only guess at what their planned activity was for the afternoon, but I don’t think he was expecting to see anyone up there.  When we were at the top he got flustered, misjudged his corner, and bounced / scraped over the curb.  Based on the aftermath, the score was Curb 1, Neon 0 and his ego probably flattened like his front tire.

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