I met Pallavi and Mustafa when I shot the wedding of their friends at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. They wanted a mountain destination wedding, but there are very few spots that can host a wedding as large as theirs, so they chose Panorama Mountain Resort.

Because they’re from Saskatchewan, I didn’t meet Pallavi and Mustafa until the henna party a few days before their wedding. They had quite the dance party! It was clear from that first moment that this was a fun-loving couple!

The bride wore a hairpiece that belonged to her great-grandmother and incorporated her mother’s wedding saree into her outfit for the ceremony.

Pallavi and Mustafa had their first look on the walking path beside Toby Creek, which runs through the resort.

This wedding was a cool experience for me because it featured several cultural traditions I hadn’t seen before. During the ceremony, the groom put a necklace called a mangalsutra on the bride, and together they took seven steps and looked into a mirror.

At the reception, the bride and groom’s niece did a dance with the knife used for cutting the cake, and the couple had to pay her before they could have the knife. This Afghan tradition is normally performed by the bride’s family, but since they were not Afghan, the couple’s niece did the dance instead.