As I said when I featured their engagement photos on the blog back in February, sometimes you just know immediately when you have a great connection with your clients.  I am happy to say that it was everything I had hoped it was going to be – great staff and venues, awesome scenery and a fantastic couple.  You could tell that Britt and Jeff’s family and friends really love and respect them. In fact they are the first couple I know of that received a standing ovation at their reception, long after they had entered the room!     Want to know how to get lively pictures of the boys in the morning? …just give them each a nice bottle of scotch. Works like a charm every time. Just a couple of moments to do some quick portraits prior to the ceremony… I love shooting at ceremony venues where there is lots of room to explore. The Riverbend Ceremony site was perfect – lots of great shooting angles to take advantage of. You know it is going to be a good day when the portraits include not one, but two chair rides.      Lots of great moments from the reception and speeches.  Dance time!  Pizza anyone? Britt mentioned in the days leading up to the wedding that she would love for us to try to get a ring shot that incorporated a wine cork. I’m not going to reveal how long it took us to come up with this concept, but I am quite pleased with the result. 

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