Well, Thanksgiving weekend represented a first for me. You see, prior to that weekend, I had never stepped foot inside the province of Saskatchewan. I’ve flown over it, drove under it, married a girl who lived there, roomed with several Saskatchewanites, and even sampled (and mocked) their beer. Despite all of that incidental exposure, I had never actually been to Saskatchewan. When we first met with Tammy and John, they promised me that it would be a cultural experience that I wouldn’t soon forget. They were absolutely correct! I learned that driving 8 hours to Regina is not the same as driving 8 hours to the Coast. I think that I would get a lot of speeding tickets if I were to live in Saskatchewan.

Okay, before I get to the wedding photos – a sidebar: I had no idea how crazy/passionate/insane people in Saskatchewan are about their football team. I had heard about the ‘Rider Nation’ before obviously, but really thought that it was a marketing ploy than anything. Boy was I wrong! Saturday happened to be game day and there were flags and jerseys were everywhere. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. When we checked out from the hotel in the morning to find the staff  in full Rider Green. Duane and I drove to the salon in the morning and passed 20 vehicles with the Roughriders license plate. When we drove into the downtown core we saw this:




Literally everywhere you looked, the Roughrideres were represented in some way shape or form. Tammy and John’s venue was Hotel Saskatchewan in downtown Regina, which also happened to be the hotel that the enemy football team, the Toronto Argonauts, were staying at.

Two funny stories came from this (three if you include Duane being the scrawny white kid stuck in an elevator full of men that could use him as a toothpick). The first was when Duane found himself congratulating the only guy in the city who was brave enough to wear an Argonaut’s t-shirt, only to find out that he had to, because he was the Argo’s offensive lineman coach. The second, was when I discovered the room that the Argonauts had held their pre-game meeting in, and saw their top-secret game plan written on the whiteboard for the world to see. Ready for it?

WIN! Here I thought that there meetings were full of x’s and o’s and highly complicated plays. Talk about breaking it down to the lowest common denominator! One last football thought – if you ever hit an awkward pause at a dinner party in Regina, just bring up ‘the thirteenth man’ and see what happens. Duane and I both employed this strategy at our respective tables to great effect – I guarantee that the silence will be filled! =D



Anyway, wedding pictures right? We had a great time spending the day with Tammy and John. They used our favourite wedding timeline (pictures beforehand) so that we had lots of time to explore the city with them. We both really enjoyed shooting in Regina and weren’t able to come close to using all of the locations that we had scouted when we arrived on Friday.

A couple of details to start things off:






Their first look



To get these next shots, I had to roll up my pant legs and stand in sludge up to the middle of my calves while hundreds of minnows tried to find nourishment in my leg hair. I think it was worth it though.














Ukrainian dancers!







Slideshow! Full-screen is always better!

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