I was really thrilled that I got to wrap up my 2014 weddings by spending the day with Rikki and Scott up at Sunshine Mountain Village for their wedding. They currently live in Australia so decided to host a spectacular winter wedding high up in the Canadian Rockies. Rikki grew up in the Okanagan so I think she not so secretly misses snow and some of the seasons. I give Scott, a warm-blooded Aussie if ever there was one, full marks for being willing to brave the cold (and it was very cold!) for his beautiful bride! Some weddings it is really easy to see that is a celebration for the entire family, and that was exactly the dynamic at play during Rikki and Scott’s big day. Leah (my wife) came along as my assistant for this shoot and we both commented afterwards that you could tell how everyone really got along and enjoyed one another. We both felt incredibly welcomed by everyone.

We are trying something slightly different for 2015 – we are only going to post our favourite twenty images from each wedding, instead of overloading you with 60 or 70 pictures and trying to tell the complete story of the day. So without further ado, here are twenty of my favourite shots of the day:


Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0013 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0001 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0002 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0004 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0005 It was pretty intense when Rikki’s dad saw her for the first time. I have to admit that as the father of a couple of little girls myself, I found myself relating to his reaction. Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0006Then I headed off to hang out with the guys, and grab a few quick portraits of Scott while he prepared for the day.

Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0007 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0008 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0009

It was cold during the ceremony, but the wind kept catching Rikki’s veil and floating up around her face.  Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0010 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0011 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0012    Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0015 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0016 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0017 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0018

The evening was full of heartfelt speeches, a seven course feast and lots and lots and lots of laughter. (A huge shout-out to the amazing crew up at Sunshine Mountain Lodge – they certainly know how to host a party!)  Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0019 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0020 Sunshine_Village_Photographers_RS_0021

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