The original plan was to do Sandra & Carl’s engagement session at the Predator Bay waterski club just outside Calgary.  As it turns out, Carl is a national waterski champion, so the idea was to personalized their engagement session!

A couple days prior to their session, we got an email asking how we felt about changing the engagement session and doing it at the Calgary Stampede instead!  We knew that it was going to be challenging with the crowds, but it sounded like fun!  Sandra and Carl win the award for the longest engagement session we’ve done to date, lasting about 5 hours, and included a beer break while we waited for the sun to set!

We started out the session with a few locations where there were fewer people.

 We then moved to the midway and ride on the ferris wheel so we could get a shot of the Calgary skyline in the background.  It was my first time riding a ferris wheel, and even though this was a big one (baskets instead of seats), there’s surprising limited room to take pictures!

Following the ferris wheel we decided to take a ride on the swings.

 This next shot was taken just as they lost their grip while we were going around.  Coincidentally, it’s pretty much the exact moment that I almost fell out of the swing while leaning backwards to take the shot!

Sandra and Carl played one of the games.  Before we selected one, we asked Sandra which one she thought she would win at, and the water guns was her choice.  She ended up winning Carl a Green Lantern doll.

 Carl is pretty high-energy, so we were impressed when we got him to not move for this next shot, which was about a 1-second exposure.

 People really looked at us funny while we were setting up this final shot.  I think the question was, “Why do they have the camera pointed at that puddle?”


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