Have you guys had enough Mexico yet? Me neither. Shannon and Kevin met up with us at our resort a couple of days after the wedding to do a ‘day after’ session. Just a chance to get more pictures with your wedding dress on, right? Having a chance to get out and work a little slower and not having to be quite as mindful of the dress was great!











We also had an opportunity to grab a refreshing beverage with them on the beach while we waited for the sun to to get in the right spot. The staff at Senor Frogs was pretty funny as you’ll see in the video below. Apparently it is the ‘Happy Wedding’ song. Who knew that we’ve been singing it wrong for all this time? And for the record, at the end of the video I am not flailing my arms because I am a spaz, but because I was worried about a wave coming up and swamping me and the camera which was totally unprotected.

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