I was going through the archives about a week ago, and I realized that somehow I totally missed blogging this session from last year! Better late than never I guess – especially seeing as we are not so far removed from fall now right? Sonja was one of my good high school friends back in the day, and she and Troy were among the first five weddings that Duane and I ever shot (I don’t even have a link to share for that – it might have predated the official creation of 6:8 Photography!)

I met up with Sonja, Troy and their clan as they were passing through the Crowsnest Pass and we spent some time exploring the rocks in Frank Slide.   Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0001 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0002 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0003 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0004 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0005 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0006 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0007 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0008 Absolutely loved watched their kids play and explore on the rocks. You can tell that Sonja and Troy’s love of rock-climbing has been imprinted into their dna!  Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0009 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0010 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0011 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0012 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0013 This is far and away my favourite shot from the session. The light was perfect, the wind was crazy, and we managed to convince a passing motorcyclist to hold my big light for me. He could barely stay stationary the wind was coming through so strong. Meanwhile, Sonja and Troy just stood their with their family calmly waiting for me to get dialed in. Sort of like superheros if you ask me.  Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0014 Crowsnest_Pass_Photographers_0015

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