Talisa and Marcus were married at Chateau Lake Louise in November of this year. Chateau Lake Louise has been on my venue list for years and years now, so I was beyond thrilled when Talisa and Marcus invited me to photograph their wedding. That I got to work with such nice (and attractive) people, in such an incredible venue, made it a really amazing wedding for me.

This wedding was also special, because it was actually the first time that I brought my entire family to a wedding, as Leah was doing some of the makeup (she does all of the makeup for our portrait line – Decoro Portraits, and does a limited number of wedding makeups each year) for Talisa and the girls in the morning. We arrived after dark, and when we arrived the castle was lit up and the all of the Christmas decorations were looking amazing. The kids literally thought we had arrived at the Frozen Castle. Side note – what kind of idiots take little kids to a five-star hotel? We’ve definitely ruined them for all other hotel experiences going forward; especially after the hotel staff brought each of the kids a platter of milk and cookies after they went sledding one afternoon. Anyway, I digress.

The wedding was super fun and we got the band back together a bit actually, as the amazing Lisa from Everlasting Impressions and Richard from Fun Factory Music were my co-conspirators on this one. We all worked together back at Tammy and Mark’s wedding in Fernie at Elkview Lodge back in July. Between them and amazing Chateau Lake Louise staff, I feel like we had a crack wedding squad in place for the day. They are all amazing pros and the day went off without a hitch because of Lisa’s master vision.

Photographing in the winter has it’s own set of challenges (it definitely wasn’t a super warm day!) but I really enjoy how pristine everything seems. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have a back-drop like Lake Louise to work with either! Changing it up a bit for this blog post – interspersing some comments throughout the photos below.

Marcus and Talisa – thank-you so, so much. Your kindness to each other and to everyone you meet comes through so gracefully and obviously – I am definitely better for having gotten to know you and work with you. I hope that we have many opportunities to cross paths with each other in the years to come!

Lisa had the ceremony room looking amazing.  Some bridal prep shots with Talisa.
Talisa wanted to see Marcus before the ceremony, but not take away from the moment that she walked down the aisle. Marcus reacting to seeing his bride for the first time.  The four parents laughing hysterically as they left the ceremony makes me giggle every time I see it. I feel like I should do a caption contest for this image. If you’ve got a good one, drop it in the comments below!  Some relaxed portraits.  Talisa and Marcus were absolutely frozen by this point but definitely brought their A game for one last set outside. I love how these turned out!
While we were outside, Lisa and her crew flipped the room for the reception.