When we decided to have a winter wedding I started looking at pictures of what I thought our wedding should look like. I fell in love with 3 photos that I found on 3 separate days online. I realized they were all by the same photographer and was ecstatic when I did some further research and saw he was from Canada! Kevan was our first and easiest choice of our entire wedding.

He took the time to find out what moments we wanted to capture in our day and went above and beyond to capture just that. He made our wedding look like we were in a snow globe, it was just magical. He also happens to be the kindest and most adventurous person we have met, offering his coat in the freezing cold to our bridesmaids, trying any picture we wanted to try, even telling us how to position ourselves for every moment. He kept things natural and fun. In half the photos we are probably laughing at something he said. He felt like family.

The time and effort Kevan puts into each couple (speaking from experience), made it feel like he was with us on our entire journey of planning the wedding; the day of the wedding, as well as the few weeks after the wedding. He was there for any questions we had, was always available to Skype (even to wee hours of the night) and always had a smile on his face. You can tell he loves what he does and it shows in every picture he takes. Oh ya not to mention he comes as part of a dream team – his wife, Leah, was our makeup artist and she was so incredibly kind and talented. After seeing what an amazing job she did of my bridesmaids I just needed her to do my makeup as well!

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