I have a confession to make. Sometimes thinking of what to write for a blog post stresses me right out. Week after week we tell you guys how great our clients are, and I fear that anyone who follows along on a regular basis starts to think that we keep serving up insincere platitudes. But they are not – I promise. I feel so lucky that I get to meet, and often become friends with, our clients. Weddings are really interesting to me, because I think that they really reveal who you are as a person. All of the years of anticipation and expectation meet up in this flurry of activity and practical everyday life sort of stuff. Then you add friends, family and timelines and you would think that things come to a head on a more frequent occurrence, especially when events that are out of your control seem to conspire against you. And yet, when that pressure is applied not everyone cracks. Some really shine through as diamonds.

Take Tamara and Randy. They had a bit of everything tossed their way. Their drive from Canmore to her home town of Kaleden took approximately 13 hours longer than it should have thanks to mud-slides and road closures. There were a number of other challenges and issues thrown at them during the final week before the wedding. And then they woke up to rain. Not just a gentle rain either, it was a ‘go-forty-kilometers-an-hour-on-the-highway-because-the-wipers-cannot-keep-up’ kind of rain. To be frank, I was not sure what kind of mood I was going to be walking into when I went up to the hotel suite where they were getting ready. I was prepared for the worst. And I worried for absolutely nothing – what I found was the most serene brides I think I have ever come across. Tamara was completely relaxed and in the moment – she was ordering food for everyone and chatting away with her sister and her mom; laughing about everything that had gone haywire in the past few days. Amazing. It was more of the same later in the day when it poured just before their outdoor ceremony, and they had to scramble to move indoors from an amazing outdoor location. I am sure that it was not what they envisioned, but they adapted with such grace that you would never know it.

Sometimes it is the little adversities that reveal great character. I know I found nothing but kindness, good humor and grace in both Tamara and Randy.

A long pre-amble I know. But I guess it is my way of saying that it is my great pleasure to share with you the images from their wedding.











 Loved this moment betweenTamara and her mom.

 Heading down to the dock near the Lakeside Resort in Penticton. You can see that it was at the precise moment that the inclement weather decided to rejoin us.

 You will also see that it did not matter to Tamara and Randy in the slightest!






We did manage to find a few sheltered spots to shoot in. 



I was so thankful that the weather broke for us for a few minutes as we travelled from Penticton to Kaleden.





 Tamara’s aunt and uncle own Linden Gardens in Kaleden, where the ceremony and reception were being held. While the ceremony plans were busily adjusted we ducked into their home for a few minutes. I love the challenge of winging it, and unlocking the light in a brand new space in a very short time-frame. It’s the kind of thing that really gets my brain engaged!




 Then it was on with the ceremony!






 The weather even cleared up and we were able to do cocktail hour out in the garden.




 They allowed me to steal them away for a few minutes in the evening.




















Tamara and Randy – thank you so much for having me along. I can’t wait to hang out with you guys again sometime in the near future!

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