Just wanted to say a very belated but incredibly heartfelt thank you! We’ve been checking out the photos and are blown away and so happy with everything we’ve seen. Kevan Wilkie  you were fantastic on our day even with everything mother nature was throwing at us!! Thank you so much for your kind words on your blog, Kevan, we are so glad that we choose 6:8 and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Your level of professionalism was unbelievable (I learned the next day from my brother that you had dropped your camera bag and broken your flash – and you must have been upset, but you just rolled with it and didn’t show it at all!)

You adapted to a schedule that was supposed to have ample time for everything (including photos), but because of some freaky 80’s hairdos and a little rain, turned into a slightly, okay, a very, rushed and hetic night. Despite all of this chaos, you were still able to capture so many wonderful moments AND cater to Randy‘s penchant for goofy shots! I would highly recommend 6:8 Photography to everyone and anyone who asks, I really feel like through this entire adventure, we have made a couple new friends from Ferne! Duane, congrats to you and your wife on your little girl! I hope you are reveling in these special moments (and getting as much sleep as you can!). Cheers and all the best you guys!

– Randy and Tamara Wewetzer!

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