I mentioned in Tanisha & Lorne’s engagement session post that he flies helicopters for the US military.  While I wasn’t holding my breath about getting access to one of those for their wedding, it’s too bad we didn’t have it to get to the Lost Boys Cafe at the top of Fernie Alpine Resort.  It certainly would have been a better option than taking the chairlift!  I showed up with Tanisha and the rest of her side of the wedding party after everyone had gone up, most of whom had a sunny ride. While the weather wasn’t terrible at the base, we were told that we were probably going to get a little rain on the chairlift ride. That, coupled with the standard gale-force wind on the Timber chair made it a particularly “fun” ride! Even so, it didn’t phase Tanisha and she was smiles at the top, albeit a little chilly!

 Backing up a little, a few details from the morning.  First off, Tanisha’s dress, which was awesome!




If you look closely at the rings, and you know the Fernie mountain ranges, you should be able to pick out Mt. Fernie and one of the Three Sisters.  Definitely the most intricate rings I’ve ever seen!

We had time for a couple quick portraits with her at her parent’s place before we headed off to the ceremony.


Here’s a quick shot from that chairlift ride I was talking about!






Following the ceremony we had the opportunity to do a few quick portraits with them at the top of the hill before the wind & rain forced us to head back down to the base.










The one advantage to having scattered downpours on your wedding is it creates some pretty dramatic skies!


…and finally to the Fernie Tea & Coffee House to warm up and get a little respite from the rain!  Thanks Angelika & Randy for letting us use the space.




Tanisha & Lorne planned a few unique things for their wedding, and one of them was to release butterflies at the top of the hill following the ceremony.  Unfortunately  it was WAY too cold / windy for that to work, so they did it following their reception instead!  Such a cool idea!



 Finally, a few quick portraits with them before they left with some absolutely spectacular light & skies!





Thanks for having us along guys, it was awesome to be part of your day!