As Kevan mentioned in the previous blog post, last weekend we had the opportunity to head up to Calgary for a couple engagement sessions.  Jaryn & Steve’s session gave us a chance to play with some different kinds of light and it was a lot of fun to break the rules a little!  Our session with Tina and Greg gave us an opportunity to shoot in a different type of setting with more of an urban feel,  something we don’t usually have an opportunity to do when shooting in Fernie!

We were introduced to Tina and Greg through a coworker of my brother Steve.  Their wedding is coming up here pretty quickly (this weekend!) in High River and I think it’s going to be a blast!  Both of them are pretty laid-back and it didn’t seem like they were at all stressed about the fact that their wedding is just around the corner.  They were more than willing to walk around with us through a couple alleys, sit on a rickety old bench with a broken leg, and lay down on the entrance ramp of a parking garage for a few pictures.  It makes me wonder whether or not our clients are afraid to say no to us when we come up with some of our ideas!

Here’s a few of my favourite shots from their engagement session.  Be sure to check back next week to see some of their wedding pictures!












I think this last one is my favourite.  I love how all the lines in the picture lead your eyes right to Tina and Greg.




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