While taking pictures of Tisha and the girls at the salon, I received a funny text message from Kevan.  Apparently he decided to do a little more scouting before meeting up with James and the guys, and had a stare-down with a black bear about 20 feet away.  Reflecting on the situation, I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for us to have a close encounter with a bear given some of the locations we’ve used in the past!  When I told Tisha about it, and after confirming that Kevan was OK, her response was, “Well, we’re not using that location, are we?!”  I reassured her by letting her know that bears tend to avoid groups of four or more, so we’d be fine, but somehow I don’t think that helped!

It was nice to leave Fernie, which is just starting to come into spring, to arrive in Kelowna where it was almost summer!  Kelowna is an awesome place for shooting, and I really look forward to getting back to that area again for a couple more weddings later this summer!  Both the wedding ceremony and reception took place at the gorgeous Manteo Resort, right on the shores of Okanagan Lake.  It was cloudy most of the day and threatened to rain on us a few times, but thankfully all we had to deal with were a few light sprinkles and had great light for shooting!





I love this moment during the ceremony just after Tisha and her Dad walked down the aisle.


Look at the bottom right of the first picture to see what they’re laughing about in the second!  Adam, the officiant (and a groomsman!), apparently had the same thing happen at his wedding.  Thankfully the ring didn’t bounce too far!














Tisha joined the Hiking Brides Club by climbing over a fence and making her way down a bit of a slope to the bluff over the Kelowna Golf & Country Club.  I think Jessie, her maid of honour, should get an honourable mention, as she came down with us and hates heights!




Between their dinner and dance we took a few shots of them by the lake.  I love how these turned out!



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