If you have followed this space for a little while, you will know that every year around this time we run a little contest to find our best image of the year. You can see the previous contests from 2008 here, 2009 here and 2010 here – a bit of a fun exercise to see the progression in our work and style. Normally we have only chosen our top 15 images and then let our readers pick the winning image. This year we are adding a slight twist, and we have chosen our favourite image from each wedding (it seems more equitable that way), the voting will be done on Facebook and we’ve added a few additional prizes.

The Prizes (Four of them!) 

For the winning couple – one of our gorgeous, 20×30 fine-art canvases of their favourite wedding image.

We’ll also be giving away two fine-art landscape canvases for people who participate in the contest. The first is for a person (selected at random) who votes on the Facebook page, and the second is for a person who leaves a comment here on the blog. Do both to increase your chances of winning!

Finally, anyone who clicks the ‘share’ button on our Facebook page announcing this contest will be entered to win a $40 iTunes giftcard!

The Rules (There aren’t many!)

The image with the most ‘likes’ in the facebook contest album will be the considered the Top Shot of 2011.

Voting closes at midnight on December 31st.

You can receive two entries for one of the fine-art canvases –  by either voting on the Facebook page or leaving a comment here on the blog.

The Images

1. Charlotte and Brad – Calgary – Charlotte getting tied into her dress by her maid of honour just prior to the wedding at the Endeavour Art Gallery.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (31)

2. Gillian and Andrew – Calgary – I don’t remember exactly what Gillian said here, just before her ceremony, but it was something to the effect of, ‘I can’t believe it’s finally happening!’

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (30)

3. Sandra and Carl – Nelson – This may be one of the most unique portraits of a groom that we’ve ever created. On the way to the ceremony via helicopter near Crawford Bay.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (29)

4. Karen and Ryan – Fernie – We had gorgeous colour here in Fernie this fall. I love how the colour balances out this shot.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (28)

5. Caylie and Brett – Kicking Horse Mountain Resort – This may be one my favourite bridal portraits that we’ve ever made.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (27)

6. Tifanee and Josh – Cranbrook – I love Tifanee’s confidence and excitement in this bridal portrait. Also, not a bad background.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (26)

7. Crystal and Robert – Kelowna – Again, when a beautiful bride and an interesting background come together, it makes for a winning formula.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (25)

8. Katy and Brett – Canmore – This was the first time that Katy and Brett saw each other on their wedding day.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (24)

9. Melissa and Kalon – Fernie – Not too many opportunities to frame an image like this when the bride comes into the ceremony.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (23)

10. Sheena and Milo – Fernie – Yes, that is an absolutely sheer cliff behind them.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (22)

11. Alexandra and Andrew – Calgary – Just after their ceremony, Alexandra and Andrew respond to some friends cheering them on.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (21)

12. Melissa and Josh – Calgary – I love the quiet moment here.

13. Jacqui and Kevin – Island Lake Lodge – I love the framing of this shot from Jacqui & Kevin’s relaxed wedding.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (19)

14. Jana and Mel – Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Golden – It’s hard to go wrong when shooting at the top of a mountain with an awesome couple!

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (18)

15. Cheryl and Shawn – Calgary – I love the the simple emotion in this shot – a groom completely in love with his bride.

16. Tracey and Rick – Medicine Hat – If ever there was a shot that epitomizes the people in it, this would be it.

17 – Julie and Ryan – Carstairs – Gorgeous light, great framing, and a pretty good looking couple!

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (15)

18 – Cori and Arjun – Hawaii – The feeling of safety in this shot is rivalled only by the boldness of the colours.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (14)


19 – Amy and Jason – Spirit Ridge Resort, Osoyoos – One of those shots where it would have the exact same feeling if it were in B&W.  I love the neutrality of the background, which only emphasizes the focus on Amy & Jason.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (13)

20 – Danielle and Ken – Elkwater, Alberta – One of the snowiest weddings we shot this winter, and it was at the end of April!  This is one of the few moments where it wasn’t a blizzard!

21. Alyson and Gary – Medicine Hat – …and then the complete opposite to the wedding above!  Same part of the province, only a few days earlier!  Instead of dealing with a snow storm, it felt like we had to watch out that we didn’t get a sunburn!  A textbook case of strange Alberta weather!

22. Dawn and Stein – Fernie – We’re used to doing wedding portraits before the ceremony, but usually it’s on the same day!  This image of Dawn & Stein is taken in a meadow near Island Lake Lodge, and they were married in it the following day.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (10)

23. Kristine and Eric – Silvertip Resort, Canmore – I love the west-coast feel to this shot!  Hard to believe it was taken in Kananaskis country near Canmore.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (9)

24. Tanisha and Lorne – Lost Boys Cafe, Fernie – One of my favourite images of the year, this was shot through a window at the Fernie Tea & Coffee house where Tanisha & Lorne took a moment to warm up after shooting outside on a wet & chilly July day!

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (8)

25. Natisha and James – Manteo Resort, Kelowna – I love it when our clients are able to carve out 15 minutes around dusk to grab a few portraits.  The light is usually great, and the images tend to have a much different look than those taken earlier in the day! 2011 Wedding Photo Contest (7)

26. Cathryn and Mike – Island Lake Lodge, Fernie – Quite possibly our most expressive bride ever!  Trying to select a single image from this collage during the toast (more like ‘roast’) to the bride by Cathryn’s dad was an impossible task!

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (6)

27. Laura and Dan – Island Lake Lodge, Fernie – A moment between Laura & Dan during a heart-felt speech at their amazing wedding at Island Lake Lodge.

28. Ashley and Derek – Fernie – A great moment between Ashley and her dad during their father-daughter dance.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (4)

29. Ashley and Clint – Fernie – Our clients are the best!  The light had faded off quite a bit, but they were still willing to wander down this slope in the long grass for a few evening portraits!  Another one of my favourites from the year.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (3)

30. Amy and Shane – Cranbrook – Under the stars with a live band and a group that knew how to party!  Amy & Shane had one of the most unique receptions that we’ve been part of.

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (2)

31. Lynn and Ryan – Banff Springs Hotel, Banff – Another first for us, but reversed this time!  They were married in their home town in Northern Alberta, and then jumped on a bus and met us in Banff where they had a weekend of celebration!

2011 Wedding Photo Contest (1)

Thank you to all of our clients, their families, and friends for an unbelievable year!

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