I don’t think we could use just one word to sum up our experiences with Kevan and Duane…they are professional, fun, spontaneous, talented, easy going and the list goes on. We found you guys on Facebook over a year and a half ago and knew you had to be a part of our wedding day and we weren’t even engaged yet (haha). We would have paid whatever it took to have you there. You had a way of making us feel like no was was watching…you captured moments and feelings we didn’t think anyone else saw that day but us.

Wedding days can be overwhelming but you made us feel so comfortable and stress free…it felt like our wedding was the only wedding you had ever taken pictures for! I was like a kid at Christmas waiting to see those images…I knew they were going to blow our minds and they did!

To describe you as adventurous is an understatement…fields of thistles, tops of mountains, wind, snow, -25 below freezing cold weather…none of it mattered and every one of those places was worth it! You didn’t miss a detail…always making sure we were doing ok in the elements.

We loved the fact that you gave all our guests a sneak peek slideshow at the reception…they couldn’t stop talking about the pictures! We talk about you and recommend you to everyone we know, but your work truly speaks for itself. We are excited to decorate our new home with all the priceless memories and artwork you have given us. Every time we look at our pictures, it feels like we are re-living those days…the way it felt, the laughs we had with you guys, our family and friends, the fun, the tears and most importantly the love. All we can say is thank you…we are happy we crossed paths…you have become friends and we will support you and your talent however we can!!

Tracey and Rick

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