Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-001We’ve been shooting weddings for over nine years, and this summer was the very first time I’ve had the opportunity to shoot on Vancouver Island. I’ve always said that we’re lucky to be in Fernie with all of the diverse locations we can shoot in such a small area, and the Island is just like that. I loved that we could be shooting in lush rainforest, an inlet, looking across the open ocean, and at a vineyard all within 15km of each other!

My day started out with some relaxed getting ready shots at the Brentwood Bay Resort.
Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-002 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-004 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-005Kevan was shooting another wedding this weekend, so I was joined by my good friend and fellow photographer Jon Howe, who captured the guys getting ready. Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-006The tide was out, so Jill & Geoff did their first look right outside the resort on the beach. Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-007 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-008 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-009 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-010 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-011 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-012 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-013 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-014 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-015I’m not sure what was so funny while we were taking portraits with the wedding party, but there were lots of laughs. Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-016 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-017 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-018 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-019 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-020After the forest we drove down the road to the ocean. Jill & Geoff love chucks and gave a pair to their wedding party as gifts, so seemed fitting to do a shot with them Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-021Jill cruising through the inter-tidal zone. I think this is close enough to join the Hiking Brides Club.
Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-022 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-023 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-024 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-026 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-027The original plan was a ceremony out on the lawn with a beautiful fountain in the background. Not surprisingly with the way this summer went, it rained just before their ceremony started. The awesome team at Church & State Winery didn’t miss a beat, and within 30 minutes they were able to change things over and have the ceremony on the deck instead. Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-028 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-029 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-030 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-031This little ring bearer wasn’t too interested in what was going on around him! Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-032 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-033 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-034How many grooms can say they were serenaded by all his buddies and then got to crowd-surf at their wedding?! Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-035 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-036 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-037 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-038 Victoria-Wedding-Photography-JG-039

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