When Jennifer and I arrived in Fernie in May of 2016 we had many things on our minds. Would the venue be right? Would our house burn down? How is the local bakery? Will we ever get to go back to our city? Who will be our photographer?

Jennifer and I were on two missions that weekend – escaping the reality of the Fort McMurray wildfire and planning our wedding!  When we met Kevan at the end of a very long day of interviewing as many vendors as possible, we were pretty much spent.  Sitting down with Kevan in the coffee shop with the Lizard Range splayed out behind him in the window, he proceeded to mesmerize us with his ability to capture the emotion of the moment in every photo he showed us.  It was beyond captivating, leaving us speechless, and momentarily took us out of the reality of our situation.  That is what we wanted from our wedding photos, to be removed from the room and placed right back in the moment they were captured, to be able to relive the day for the rest of our lives spurred on by the images in our album.  Well it was a no brainer. Kevan was our photographer!

What an amazing choice we made.  On our wedding day, Kevan was amazing, there and not there all at the same time.  His ability to be in two places at once was something to be admired.  The story he captured for us was the exact feeling we had the entire day.  From the moment he was helping the groomsmen put on boutonnieres (something we couldn’t accomplished without him) to the ceremony where he captured all of the emotions of the room, out to the photo shoot where his eye for mixing portraits with landscapes is unmatched. To the dinner party and dance where he captured the joy of party, the day is forever recorded in photos.  Photos that not only capture the image, but the emotion, the feel, the life of the moment.
Jennifer and I will forever be grateful for the memories we have been given by 6:8 Photography though Kevan Wilkie.  We will always be able to look at our wedding photos and feel as though we are reliving the day.  We have nothing but the highest praise for Kevan’s work as a photographer and his absolutely wonderful personality.  Choose to work with Kevan and 6:8 Photography, you won’t be disappointed, but you will be amazed!

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