Wow – what a way to kick off the 2016 wedding season with Kaitlin & Matt’s wedding at the Jasper Park Lodge!

We’ve been doing this for a while now, and for reasons unknown there have been certain places we’ve never had the chance to shoot in.  Jasper has always been on our list, so I was thrilled when Kaitlin and Matt told me about their wedding plans.  Their day was about as close to a quintessential Canadian wedding as you could possibly get.  Instead of trying to tell you exactly what I mean by that, I’ll let the pictures do more of the talking!

The day started out a little differently than normal, and while Kaitlin and her bridesmaids were busy getting their hair and makeup done, the guys ventured out for a little pond hockey.


As you can tell from the group picture below, while it was a bluebird day, it was a little on the chilly side! Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-007

Matt and his groomsmen after the game. Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-008 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-002 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-003 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-004 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-009 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-010 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-011

When you don’t have a mirror, you improvise! Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-012 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-013 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-014 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-015 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-016 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-017 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-018

We started out the afternoon doing some portraits with just Kaitlin & Matt.  As per norm, on our way to our planned location we got distracted by some beautiful light streaming in through some snowy trees.  Seriously, how do you even pass something like that up?! Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-019 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-020 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-021 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-022 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-023

…and then on to our planned location – the Maligne Canyon, which in my opinion is was one of the more interesting locations we’ve shot in.  Everything by the river was blanketed in a thick layer of hoar frost, giving it a very wintery feel.
Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-024 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-025

But even more interesting was the differences in the colour of the light!  Anything that the sun hit was a vibrant yellow, whereas anything in the shade took on a very blue hue.  The shot below really shows off what I mean! Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-026 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-027 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-028

We wandered down the river with them and had to stop when we saw this! Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-029 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-030 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-031 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-032 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-033 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-034 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-035 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-036 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-037

Honestly, we could have shot there for days!  Unfortunately it was pretty cold down by the river in the shade, so Kaitlin & Matt went to warm up while we set up these final shots.  Took a little effort to get down to this spot, but the results were well worth it!

We headed back to Jasper Park Lodge to meet up with the wedding party before the ceremony and headed out for a few quick shots.  Some of them were less than excited to be out in the cold without coats on! Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-039 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-040

…then it was back inside to do a few more shots, which everyone was excited about. Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-041

Kaitlin’s bouquet with charms of her grandparents who weren’t able to be at the wedding. Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-042

…and a final wedding party picture including their ‘flower girl’ Mikka.  She’s a fluffy white ball of energy, which is probably why they didn’t make her the ring bearer! Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-043 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-044 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-045 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-046 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-047 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-048

Kaitlin and Matt had some pretty heartfelt vows, but still managed to include some humour into them as well. Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-049

There are lots of advantages to having two photographers at your wedding, but the best one is making it so we have the opportunity to take some chances.  While I was set up for the safe shots during the ceremony, Kevan was able to try a different angle on the first kiss (and got an amazing shot)!
Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-051 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-052 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-053The ballroom looked AMAZING when it was all set up and the lights were turned on.  

Kaitlin &  Matt’s emcees for the evening were pretty entertaining and had the room in stitches! Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-056

Lots of great speeches throughout the night, especially the one by Matt’s mom welcoming Kaitlin to the family.  Honestly, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-057 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-058 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-059 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-060 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-061

Love this picture of Matt and his mom dancing together. Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-063

They had quite the dancing crowd at their wedding, both young and old! Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-065 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-066 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-067 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-068 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-069 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-070 Fairmost-Jasper-Park-Lodge-Wedding-KM-071

Thanks Kaitlin & Matt for including us in such an awesome wedding and congratulations to you guys once again!